The history of crossdressing dandies during the late 19th and early 20th centuries is little known. Although men in Europe had been dressing as women for hundreds of years, it was almost exclusively for theatrical purposes. At a time when homosexuality was still illegal, the dangers of being arrested or assaulted for wearing women's clothes in public were very real. Some men would attend private masquerade parties wearing frocks and heavy makeup. Others would come out at night to solicit sex in the seedier areas of town, walking down dark streets to go more easily unnoticed. 

The title of this artwork is an homage to Jean Genet's novel Notre Dame de Fleurs.

"Our Palone of the Flowers"

  • 7" x 5" print on 16pt. card-stock with silk lamination and gold foil background. Print comes inside a clear protective sleeve with a resealable adhesive strip. Bona Vada Illustrations logo and website is printed on the backside.

    Original artwork created by Kevin Gomez in 2016, using graphite and acrylic on watercolor paper. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist at time of order.

    Please note that print color may vary from computer screen.

    Frame not included.